Hillywood at TWICON!

Going to TwiCon ’09 this weekend July 30th-August 2nd? Here’s your chance to meet “The Hillywood Show’s” ‘Twilight’ Parody cast throughout the weekend! Hilly Hindi, Hannah Hindi, Jacob Jost and Drew Lorentz will be appearing as special guests at the event!

They love to meet the fans, so don’t be shy if you spot them at the convention!

See you there!


~ by thehillywoodshow on July 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hillywood at TWICON!”

  1. The Hillywood crew made the event! Every time I saw them, they were so incredibly nice and easy going. What a wonderful addition to the event.

  2. It was so nice to meet you guys this weekend. Continue the great work.

  3. It was fantastic!

  4. We saw ya’ll in Dallas. I have to say, your group was the high light of most of that train wreck of a convention. I feel that all the “stars” including ya’ll, were GREAT, but the convention itself blew. I have heard that ya’ll paid your own way, and were in no way conpensated by Twicon. If that is the truth, I’d scream to high heaven. Your act and table made so many Twilight fans happy, and there was not alot of happy there. Missed out on seeing the dance off at the ball, since we wanted to see 100 Monkeys and get autographs (a whole other issue…) but seeing it on youtube was almost like being there. All in all, just want to say I think ya’ll are great, and enjoyed you very very much!

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